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Launch: It  is a church planting solution hosted by the UPCI NAM that will assist and confront the ever-increasing challenges that church planters face. This initiative will allow missionaries the opportunity to receive in-depth training and special financing opportunities that will assist them to 'launch'. For more information

Online Launch Training: There is an online and expedite version of Launch training. For more information,

Project Equip: This 18-month apostolic church-planting certificate program will guide you through and equip you to build a strategic mission-plan that reflects sound biblical doctrines and practices, underscores your unique missional call, and ends with immediate application and celebration. For more information,

Keys to Church Planting: It is a free, extensive self-learning tool that navigates church planters from the preparation phase, to the operation phase. For more information,

Ministry Central Church Planting Training: This series of courses will guide you through church planting. For more information, 

Growing A Church by David Bernard: Based on scriptural teachings and the author's personal experiences, this book discusses principles of church growth and provides practical examples and suggestions. The discussion applies to churches of various sizes, from daughter works and home missions efforts to assemblies with a regular attendance of over 500. To purchase,

Ministering in a Multicultural World by David Bernard & Don Hascom: This booklet will navigate church planters to minister to different ethnicities in the US. To purchase,

Assessment Tools

Church Planting Progression: This tool will navigate a mother church pastor and a church planter to strategically plan for a successful church planting. For more information,

Church Plantning Self-Assement: This extensive assessment tool can help church planters as they solidify their calling and prepare.

Church Budgeting: Pastors can use this tool to plan a budget as well as a strategic financial planning. For more information,

Census: This tool would allow church planters to understand more about their mission fields. For more information,

City-Data: By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources, this tool created detailed and informative profiles for every city. For more information,

Evangelism Tools

Inexpensive Church Tools

Inexpensive Music Tools

Additional Reading Resources

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