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Church BuildersNetwork

  • Vision: fulfilling the district vision through uniting local churches to assist NAMs and young/developing churches

  • Practical goals

    • Assisting NAMs beyond financial assistance

    • Strengthen local churches that could use an outside help

    • Avoid churches to be closed

    • Develop a network of professionals to assist us for Church-in-a-day

  • Plan:  Creating a network of servant leaders (both lay and licensed) to gather resources for target churches

  • Target churches

    • NAM churches

    • Young churches (churches between 5-10 years)

    • Daughter works/preaching point

    • Qualified churches based on an application.

  • Network members: business/individuals who would agree to provide services for target congregations at a discount cost (must be approved by the pastor)

  • Types of services

    • Construction

    • Maintenance

    • Legal

    • Accounting

    • Technology: Audio/Visual

    • Marketing/Promotion

    • Music

    • Ministry

    • Language Interpretation

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